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The heroin epidemic

TBI Director Ev Meade discusses heroin epidemic on Fox News

Monday, September 26, 2016TOPICS: US-Mexico Border

  The photograph of an Ohio couple, apparently overdosed on fentanyl, in the front seats of a mini-van with a toddler in the back shocked the country. Check out TBI Director Ev Meade discussing the heroin and fentanyl epidemic on Fox News. We need more of an opportunity to discuss the failed policies of the drug war and the need for non-military, demand-side strategies, but the lethality of fentanyl in particular merits the fired-up rhetoric. Hopefully the severity of the present opioid crisis will allow us to get over the federal impasse on the decriminalization of marijuana and the colossal waste of lives and resources on ordinary immigration enforcement and focus on the really dangerous stuff instead

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