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Rosa Emilia Salamanca, WPM

2018 Women PeaceMakers Spotlight: Rosa Emilia Salamanca, Colombia

Thursday, October 18, 2018TOPICS: Women PeacemakersGlobal ImpactChangemaker

The University of San Diego is hosting four outstanding females from around the world to share their knowledge and to be present. In 2018, the 16th year of the Women PeaceMakers Program, the cohort consists of: Rosa Emilia Salamanca of Colombia, Roxana Cristescu of Eurasia, Amira Abdulrahman Hussein Timan from Sudan and Mariam Yazdani of Pakistan. They are part of a program that shines an important global spotlight on women leadership, a Changemaker spirit and how they can help to inspire female leaders-in-training. The women are at USD through Nov. 17. While they are here, they’ll be working on the issue of ensuring women have a seat of power at the peace negotiation table. Today and in the coming week, USD News Center will spotlight one PeaceMaker each day to learn a little more about their backstory and to know about upcoming on-campus events featuring this impressive cohort.

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