Meet USD School of Law's New SBA President Kris Darrough '18 (JD)

Meet SBA President Kris Darrough '18 (JD)

Kris Darrough

San Diego (October 9, 2017) - Kris Darrough, ’18 (JD), was not involved with student government at her undergraduate college, University of San Diego, California. But, after spending her 1L year as a section representative, she found she had a passion for representing her peers.

“What I enjoyed the most about being a section representative was how much I loved everyone in my section,” she says. “Everyone was honest with me about the issues they had, and it was so fulfilling to know that I played a role in making sure that their voices were heard. Even when I could not get the desired result, I was, and still am, so grateful that people trusted me to try my hardest to advocate on their behalf.”

As a 2L, Darrough continued her role in student government as vice president of the law school’s Student Bar Association (SBA). Though she initially envisioned a smaller role with the SBA during her 3L year, her dedication for representing students, combined with encouragement from 2016-17 SBA president Lauren Stockunas, ’17 (JD), convinced her to run for president.

“I really love USD Law and I really love the students here,” Darrough says. “Because I care about the students, I want to advocate for them and I want them to have as great an experience during their time at law school as I have.”

In addition to being the SBA president, Darrough is also keeping herself busy during her third year as a Barbri rep and LexisNexis rep, as well as a teaching assistant for Professor Wonnell’s 1L torts class, which allows her to get to know some of the 1L students better. “I love TAing,” she says. “I’m really excited about the 1L class this year – they’re all so enthusiastic. There’s not even a need to cold call in Professor Wonnell’s class. Everyone wants raise their hands and participate.”

Darrough also plans to resume Mock Trial during her second semester. “I did mock trial during my 2L year and can’t wait to start it back up again in the spring,” she says. “I would have done it my first semester too, but I thought it would be a little irresponsible for me to take on too much during my first semester as SBA president.”

In the free time she does have, Darrough likes to relax by spending time with her family in Carlsbad, painting or playing the ukulele – an instrument she taught herself how to play during 1L winter break. “I just looked up some videos online. It’s such a great stress reliever.”

Darrough is looking forward to working at a La Jolla law firm called Tyson and Mendes, where she currently works as a law clerk, after taking the bar. “I’m going to take some time off to travel before I start, I want to go to Japan (where she used to live and where her brother currently lives), Europe and hopefully other parts of Asia – we’ll see though, that might be a little aggressive!”

When asked what advice she’d give to current and future law students, she says, “To remember who you are and remind yourself of that. We’re lucky at USD to have such a collaborative environment, but law school can still be tough and get the best of you. If you remember to stay true to yourself, you’ll have a much better time.”

“And not to panic so much!” she adds.

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