CAI Releases New Report: Failing U: Do state laws protect our veterans and other students from for-profit postsecondary predators?


San Diego (January 23, 2018) - University of San Diego (USD) School of Law’s Children’s Advocacy Institute (CAI) released a report called Failing U which analyzed the extent each state utilizes laws and regulations to protect students from for-profit postsecondary predators. According to the report, 43 of the 50 states earned an F and six others received a D. California was the only state to receive a B.

CAI used seven areas to critique the state laws including whether the laws: (1) provide for a multi-member, publicly accountable oversight body that can, among other things, engage in rulemaking, initiate investigations, and impose penalties for violations of law; (2) require reviews and/or inspections of for-profit postsecondary schools operating within its jurisdiction; (3) provide exemptions from oversight and/or regulation; (4) require institutions to disclose performance measures to prospective or current students; (5) prohibit specific acts regarding advertising and recruiting; (6) provide an appropriate complaint process and other relief for victimized students; and (7) authorize appropriate enforcement mechanisms.

According Robert Fellmeth, CAI’s Executive Director, “[t]he title of this report is Failing U’ for good reason.” He continued, “[t]oo many for-profit schools fail their students by making misleading representations about their academic programs, targeting vulnerable populations (especially veterans and others with access to federal educational funds), promising lucrative employment upon graduation, engaging in predatory marketing tactics, failing to appropriately invest in academic supports, etc., and most states are failing their students by not doing more to weed out the bad actors in the for-profit college industry.”

The purpose of the report is to spark discussion regarding the necessities of protection to guarantee that students at for-profit colleges are receiving a quality education and to protect taxpayers who are ultimately the ones to carry the burden of when these institutions fail and cannot repay their federal student loans. In addition, the report will hopefully lead states to learn from one another and use the best practices available to protect students from these predators.

The report was discussed by The Washington Post earlier this week.

The full report can be accessed here

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