Tribal Liaison Announcement: Persephone Hooper Lewis

The College of Arts and Sciences and the Center for Inclusion and Diversity are pleased to announce that Persephone Hooper Lewis serves as the University's Tribal Liaison/Professor of Practice; her appointment began August 15th. She earned a bachelor's degree in Sociology and Ethnic Studies from UC San Diego and her Master's degree in Non-profit Leadership and Management at USD. A citizen of the Yomba Band of Shoshone Indians located in Central Nevada, Lewis has worked closely with San Diego tribal and urban communities since 2001. She brings an unwavering commitment, experience and vision for USD's role in American Indian educational achievement to this historic appointment.
Lewis has extensive experience building long-term relationships with American Indian communities, especially in the areas of program design and implementation, grant management, organizational management, capacity-building training and community building. Always, she emphasizes the expansion of access to higher education for all students.
Working in Academic Affairs and with the Associate Provost for Inclusion & Diversity, as Tribal Liaison Lewis develops programs, activities and networks that link the the University and its resources to surrounding American Indian communities. As Professor of Practice in the Department of Sociology, Lewis offers several courses per year.
The University's Tribal Liaison/Professor of Practice is the culmination of years of concerted efforts, collaboration, and pilot projects designed to build relationships with the American Indian community that are based on mutuality and respect, while advancing the discourse of sovereignty and justice on our campus and in the broader San Diego community. We especially thank the All Nations Institute for Community Achievement for their leadership and the members of the search committee: May Fu (Co-Chair, Ethnic Studies), Julia Cantzler (Sociology), Michelle Jacob (Ethnic Studies), Devon Lomayesva (Community member, Santa Ysabel), Perla Myers (Associate Dean, Mathematics) and Chris Nayve (Community Service-Learning).

Esteban Del Rio, Co-Chair
Associate Provost, Inclusion & Diversity
Director, Center for Inclusion & Diversity
Noelle Norton
Dean, College of Arts & Sciences


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