EPIC Releases Final Draft Report on the Impact of Distributed Solar

The Energy Policy Initiatives Center (EPIC) released the final draft report of the San Diego Distributed Solar Photovoltaics Impact Study. SDG&E convened the San Diego Solar Stakeholder Collaboration Group (Stakeholder Group) to bring together interested stakeholders to explore possibilities that will make solar energy sustainable in the San Diego region. One of the main findings from initial meetings was the need for a detailed analysis of to identify and estimate the cost of the services associated with customer-owned distributed photovoltaics - those provided by the utility to the customer-generator and those provided by the customer-generator to the utlity. EPIC managed the study for SDG&E on behalf of the Stakeholders and has engaged Black and Veatch and Clean Power Research as techincal consultants to conduct the analysis. All documents related to the study, including stakeholder comments and meeting notes and recordings, are located on the project website.


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