Internship with Global Undertones

Global Undertones magazine seeks interns. Interns will be responsible for writing articles for our magazine’s affiliated blog. Topics are of the author’s choosing and must be approved prior to submission. In general, blogs will cover current political, social, and economic issues, have at least five citations, in- tegrate visual and interactive media, and most importantly — offer an insightful analysis based on demonstrated research. Because of our heightened standards, interns will only be responsible for writing one 1,000-1,200 word blog per week. This position gives interns the opportunity to be published, receive professional academic and editorial feedback, and gain practical working experience.

The internship is a telecommuting position and requires reliable internet access, email, and the ability and willingness to communicate weekly with our editors. A commitment of at least three months is expected. Interns also have the option submitting to our quarterly magazine, but will not be given priority solely based on their intern status.

To apply: Please send your resume and a short writing sample (preferably about a worldly event) accompanied by an email explaining why you're interested in this position to

* Paid and unpaid internship opportunities are posted for informational purposes only. The postings do not constitute an endorsement by the University of the opinions or activities of the internship provider.



Susan Szakonyi
(619) 260-6870