Study with Prof. Medina in Guatemala This Summer

Professor Julia Medina will teach SPAN 394/494: Guatemala: Cultural Legacies and Current Realities in Guatemala this summer (June 1-20).



This Spanish immersion program provides students with an introduction to the history and cultures of Guatemala, and to some of the current challenges faced by this Central American country. Three thematic threads are interwoven throughout the readings, texts analyzed, and site visits: Mayan cultural legacies and present realities; armed conflict, genocide, and justice; and Projects in social change (fair/direct trade, microfinance, and social entrepreneurship). The course has a community-based approach in that dialogue and engagement with community members in a central feature; group reflections then follow all on-site activities with a special focus on the symbolic dimensions of intercultural communication.

This is a Spanish language immersion program: all students enrolled in the course will make a firm commitment to speak only in Spanish at all times throughout the program.

Prerequisites: SPAN 394, SPAN 202 or equivalent. SPAN 494, SPAN 301, 303 and 304.

For information on cost, housing, and excursions, please visit USD Abroad. Applications (available on the website) will be accepted through February 19, 2014.


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