Getting to Know Your Professors: Lori Watson

Inside USD -- Lori Watson, director of Women’s and Gender Studies and associate professor in the Department of Philosophy, answers questions from Inside USD on why gender studies are important in today’s society and who inspires her every day.

Q: What is gender studies, and why is it relevant to today’s students and scholars?

Gender studies is a broad field with an inherently interdisciplinary approach investigating the ways in which gender, sex, and sexuality are socially created, maintained, and reinforced through complex political and social institutions. Such scholarship includes asking questions, and seeking answers to questions, about the relationship between biology and sex or gender or sexuality, the relationship between culture and sex or gender or sexuality. It can also include seeking to understand men’s and women’s social roles as they play out in particular institutional settings such as education, law, the family, religion, and just about any institution you can think of. (Full Story)