Recognizing Torero Pride: Torero Of the Week Nominations

Torero of the Week

At USD, Toreros enact change every day; after all, we are a designated Changemaker Campus! In recognition of the consistent hard work done by Toreros, Associated Students (AS) is now selecting a Torero of the Week: a person or a group of people who exemplify both the meaning of Torero spirit and inspire those around them to do the same.

AS Vice President Coral Anderson says, “The daily lives of each Torero of the Week should be excellent representations of what it looks like to live out USD’s mission and embody what it means to be a USD Torero.” The Torero of the Week campaign was initiated in order to recognize the diligence of students, faculty, organizations, and employees in making USD the great university that it is.

“The University of San Diego has many talented groups and students that deserve the praise and recognition of this campaign,” Coral Anderson says. Torero of the Week nominations are simple, which means you can have a say in which Toreros are nominated with the ease of a mouse click. Toreros for the campaign are nominated through the online submission form located on the Associated Students website. Anyone is welcome to nominate a Torero that they believe deserves recognition.

AS Executive Board Members then sift through the nominations and select a winner who showcases impressive and diverse work across campus week after week. Organizations can even be selected as Torero of the Week, and the process for nominating an organization is the exact same as the process for an individual.

You can check out the Torero of the Week winners on all of Associated Students’ social medial pages, such as the AS Facebook page and the AS Instagram (@USD_AssociatedStudents). Not only is AS social media a way to find out who the Torero of the Week is, but it is a great way to keep updated with AS events and the Changemaking that happens at USD everyday.

Constantly, the talented students, faculty, staff, and organizations making up the Torero community work hard to keep USD at the cusp of change for the better. Continue to keep up the hard work, be a catalyst for change, inspire others, and inspire yourself to love greater. And keep an eye out for Associated Students’ Torero of the Week. You might be next!


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