3 Kyoto Honorees Don't Rest On Laurels

UT-San Diego -- It’s the height of science, computers, music and dance in one Zen hot-spot, the center of Japanese Zen, in fact: Kyoto, 228 miles from Tokyo. The koi are jumping; the Japanese maples are turning russet and vermilion, shades of yellow (Inamori ran a study to make sure the annual ceremonies would be held on the day when most leaves would change, Nov. 10). We dine on baby anchovies, cod roe, ahi belly in ginger and soy, chicken skin on skewers and Kobe beef in late-night restaurants famous and obscure in this ancient Japanese capital of 1,200 temples.

It’s a carefully choreographed trip, 5,798 miles from La Jolla, and it will all be reprised starting March 19, 2014, across San Diego, with great jazz composer Cecil Taylor wailing away on a grand piano at the University of San Diego. (Full Story)


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