Camp Oliver 2013 Board Retreat: Inspiring a Shared Vision

On October 26, doctoral students from USD’s Department of Leadership Studies assisted with Camp Oliver’s Annual Board Retreat. Doug Luffborough, Executive Director of Turning the Hearts and Chula Vista School Board President; Peter Maribei, SOLES Global Center; Travis Degheri, PhD candidate; and Elizabeth Castillo, PhD candidate, covered a wide range of topics including: Pursuing a Vision; Contextual Examination of Pursing a Vision Abroad; Theoretical Framework to Practical Application; and How to Move a Board Retreat into Practice.

Of the experience, Camp Oliver board members said:

"It was very wonderful to participate with USD students who were encouraging and positive towards the mission of Camp Oliver. Their willingness to share of themselves gave me hope for the future of our world." -Sr. Albertina Morales

"It was wonderful having an inspirational presentation by S.O.L.E.S. students, they provided energizing impute and activities for our Board." -Sr. Grace Boys

"The speakers were inspiring and I could see the synergy of the board mount as the day went on. The speakers seemed to build off of each other’s topics and it brought us to a point where our direction is now clear. Thank you." - Danita Aquiningoc, Board President

About Camp Oliver
The mission of Camp Oliver is to provide a safe and fun-filled resident camping experience to children who come from low-income backgrounds, many of whom are considered at-risk. Opened in 1954 by the Sisters of Social Service, Camp Oliver has transformed the lives of thousands of children.

Camp Oliver rests on 22 acres of beautiful land near Descanso. User groups and campers enjoy the use of a swimming pool, low ropes course, archery, horse shoes, fully equipped kitchen, dining room, indoor and outdoor fire rings, two meeting areas, six heated cabins that sleep up to 16 campers each, a basketball court, and the proximity to park lands and trails.

The proceeds from user groups allow Camp Oliver to pursue their mission and ensure that no child is excluded from Camp Oliver summer camp. Camp Oliver aspires to make the world a better place, one camper at a time.


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