EPIC Seeks Supervising Attorney for Energy Clinic

The Energy Policy Initiatives Center (EPIC) sponsors The Energy Law and Policy Clinic every spring semester. The Clinic matches a small group of students that have taken the Energy Law and Policy and/or Climate Law courses with an energy- or climate-related state agency to conduct legal research on topical issues. Under the supervision of an attorney, students conduct research during the semester, write a report or memo, and travel to the agency to present findings.

EPIC seeks to hire an attorney to supervise the clinic. 

The Supervising Attorney’s role is to facilitate and guide a group of 3-6 law students as they research and report on a topic/question provided by the partnering agency. The following are the main responsibilities of the Supervising Attorney.

  • Facilitate up to 15 weekly clinic meetings during the spring semester (Jan-May) – see the illustrative class schedule provided below
  • Provide legal guidance and advice to the students during the semester • Facilitate discussions on the assigned topic to provide context for analysis
  • Review legal or regulatory documents relevant to topic, as needed
  • Review report outline and drafts and provide comments
  • Accompany students and EPIC Director on trip to partnering agency to present findings
  • Assess student participation and performance and assign pass/fail grades

A full position description is available on the EPIC website

Interested parties should contact Scott Anders at or 619-260-4589.


Scott Anders
(619) 260-4589