Bryant Groomed to be a Baseball Star

U-T San Diego -- Smacked into a steady breeze, the baseball soars toward the outfield like a fighter jet launched from an aircraft carrier.

The batting-practice blast scales the fence in left-center field, 375 feet from home plate. It glides above two telephone wires, the school perimeter fence, a bike path, two westbound lanes of traffic, lands with a thwack, then bounces through an open window of an eastbound pickup.

Minutes later, a man in his mid-20s pulls up behind the Bonanza High School backstop.

Bleeding from the neck where he’d been struck by the baseball sent into orbit by Kris Bryant, the man steps out of his truck, sticks out his hand and says to the head coach, “Is this your ball?”

Recalling the yarn, Bryant says, “I was just confused. “We’d never hit a car before.”

Since he was 5 years old Kris Bryant has been molded by his father, Mike, a one-time minor leaguer tutored by Ted Williams, to hit baseballs where they cannot be gloved. (Full Story