Inside USD: Contest Rewards Mankowske’s Creative Prose, Poetry

Creative writing is skill, but it’s also an open thought process. What works for some, might not work for all. It’s up to each writer to find what works best. Faye Mankowske’s approach to fill a blank canvas involves seeing or reacting to something of personal interest.“Sometimes when I sit down to write, my ideas are prompted by an image or a character that comes into my head, and other times they’re related to an issue I’m thinking about,” she said. “I think my strongest writing happens when I’m writing in response to an issue. For example, reading Rachel Carson’s The Silent Spring prompted one of the poems I submitted. I’m also interested in science, so I like to explore the intersections between science and literature.”

Mankowske, a USD senior studying Biology and English, delivered on both avenues of creativity recently as her prose and poetry were the winning entries in this year’s Cropper Creative Writing Contest. She won $250 — $125 for prose and $125 for poetry — and her name will be engraved on a perpetual plaque in a contest that’s sponsored by USD’s English Department and the Cropper Writing Center. (Full Article)