Guidelines for Adding Psych (BN) 496/499 (Research Experience/Independent Study)

  1. Meet with your advisor for this course before the semester that you plan to enroll. You will want to discuss the project and your responsibilities in detail.
  2. Complete a copy of the Undergraduate Application for Research and Independent Study. After completing the form, gain all necessary signatures.
  3. After submitting the Application form (see link below to download), a section with your course advisor’s name will be created. Talk with your advisor about the best way to ensure that you are enrolled in this course. This may involve completing an Add/Drop form or your advisor may be able to electronically add you to the course.
  4. Be sure that the class is added to your DARS with the correct number of units. If not, contact your advisor.

For more information, contact the department chair and/or your research advisor


Michael Ichiyama | | (619) 260-4164