USD Professor on Penn State Actions

"Penn State: Asking the Right Questions"

San Diego Union Tribune -- The decisive action taken by Penn State’s board of trustees in firing coach Joe Paterno represents an important first step in dealing with the emerging sexual abuse scandal, but it should hardly be construed as more than that. The important and difficult issues still remain on the horizon, and it is crucial that we understand what the important questions are.

For many, the important issue is to punish – quickly and decisively, perhaps even harshly – as an indication of intolerance for such abuse. Some, whose watchfulness and concern about abuse was not previously in evidence, may be among the loudest voices in calling for retribution. Yet such calls can overshadow the more important issues. (Full Story)

Hinman, a professor of philosophy at the University of San Diego, writes often about ethics. He is a member of the U-T Community Editorial Board.