A Delicate Balancing Act

NCAA -- Collegiate coaching can sometimes be an all-consuming career, making it difficult to balance the rigors of work and a personal life.  Athletics does not only involve the strategy of Xs and Os, but there can be weeks when it seems like you’re living out of a suitcase, and spending an awful lot of time away from your family to attend games or recruit players.

Adding the needs of a newborn to a coach’s schedule can make life even more hectic.  Sometimes, just weeks after childbirth, a new mother is back on the sidelines calling plays and timeouts, while she tries to figure out the complexities of being a mother and a coach.

It is not very often that a head coach steps back, and takes the time to enjoy the new addition to her family in those first few precious months of life.  

But San Diego head volleyball coach Jen Petrie has found a way to put her family first. (Full Story