Comics a Subject of Serious Study at Universities

San Diego Union-Tribune -- This week, as Comic-Con International enjoys its 42nd annual run in San Diego, it may seem that the world has been overrun by comic books and their larger-than-life characters. The evidence of the popular art form’s pervasive influence extends far beyond the Con: turn on the TV, visit a multiplex, scan the best-seller lists.

Or visit the closest university.

Libraries at both the University of San Diego and UCSD are currently hosting comic book exhibits, sometimes to the confusion and dismay of patrons accustomed to more cerebral displays.

But times have changed — as have comics.

“Now they are being taken seriously,” said Diane Maher, an archivist at USD. “Before, it would have been, ‘Really? You’re getting comic books and graphic novels in an academic library?’” (Full Story