Leadership Is a Process That Can Be Harnessed

The Chronicle of Higher Education -- What can executives and FBI agents learn from watching the hit television series Mad Men? Quite a bit, says the University of San Diego leadership-studies professor George Reed. The show's producers interviewed him for "How to Succeed in Business, Draper Style," a short feature included in Mad Men's Season 4 DVD boxed set. The feature examines the traits that make Don Draper—a partner at a fictional advertising agency in the 1960s, and the show's protagonist—an effective leader.

Mr. Reed, whose leadership students include teachers, corporate managers, and FBI agents, had never seen the show but was instantly fascinated by the character of Mr. Draper (played by Jon Hamm), an ad executive whose personal flaws are matched only by his creative genius and business savvy. This is an edited version of Mr. Reed's conversation with The Chronicle about Mad Men's lessons for real people. (Full Story)