The Best of Left and Right Equals – Libertarian?

San Diego Union Tribune -- Matt Zwolinski is an associate professor of philosophy at the University of San Diego and founder of the Bleeding Heart Libertarians blog at

Republicans speak the language of fiscal conservatism and limited government. The debates over the federal budget have suggested they may be starting to take this idea seriously in one of the places it matters most: middle-class entitlements. But when it comes to military spending, frugality goes out the window.

Democrats speak the language of social justice. But here, too, there is reason for disillusionment. The Obama administration’s rush to military conflict in Libya has disappointed those who hold peace to be an essential element of justice. And this disappointment only reinforces that created by the administration’s refusal to take a strong stand against the ill treatment of military detainees and the abuses at Guantánamo. (Full Story)