Dylan Covey’s Truly Life-Changing Decision

Rivals.com -- When the MLB draft deadline struck last August and the Brewers failed to sign first-rounder Dylan Covey, an outstanding right-handed pitcher, the only information Milwaukee scouting director Bruce Seid could give reporters was that the decision didn’t come down to money.

His words weren’t meant to deflect blame. Deciding to attend college at San Diego wasn’t about money at all. It was about Covey getting acclimated to being one of approximately three million Americans with Type 1 diabetes. It also was about Covey, who has regained his strength, excelling on the diamond while dealing with his disease.

“The fact that I’m close to home and dealing with this is very helpful,” Covey said. “It’s much easier to be where I am now without having to fly somewhere from treatment. I typically go to the doctor at UCLA, so my dad can just come by, pick me up, and we go.”

Though Covey, a freshman at USD, is getting accustomed to life with diabetes, he wasn’t always in such good spirits, and clarity wasn’t always present. (Full Story)

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