Seminar: Christal Sohl

TOPICS: Academics

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

On Thursday, November 2nd, we were lucky enough to host Professor Christal Sohl from the SDSU Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry. I caught up with freshman (potential!) chemistry major Kristine Gese to get her thoughts on the seminar. "I was surprised how much I could understand," speaking to Prof. Sohl's ability to break down the complexities of her research in a cogent way. I agreed that, despite having never studied biochemistry, the presentation was amazingly followable.

Being pre-med, Kristine liked the depth the talk shed on the cause of disease, namely misfolded enzymes behaving in new ways, thus driving cancer. She said that seeing how deep Sohl's research group has gone in investigating one class of causes in one disease gave her a new perspective on medicine as a whole. "You never know, it could help spot an anomaly in my future practice."


Check out the Sohl Group webpage for more information on their research on "the molecular mechanics of metabolic enzymes driving cancer."



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