Women PeaceMakers Panel: Peace Officers, PeaceMakers and the Power of Partnership

Thursday, November 2, 2017post has video

The Women PeaceMakers are many things: inspiring, dedicated, intelligent, thought-provoking and take-charge leaders who stand for what’s right and just. They are true agents of change in their respective countries and role models for the rest of the world.

Fifteen years in, the Kroc School’s Institute for Peace and Justice Women PeaceMakers Program has hosted 60 women from 38 different countries. Once the KIPJ selects its four-person cohort to spend nearly two months in the fall at USD, there is the visible reminder of the great work they’ve contributed, deeper knowledge of the country they represent and a realization that their inspired efforts instill a desire in each of us to do good.

This fall, the four Women PeaceMakers at USD — Rochelle “Bibing” Mordeno (Philippines), Sabrina Mowlah-Baksh (Trinidad and Tobago), Wazhma Frogh (Afghanistan) and Yamoundow Jagne Joof (The Gambia) — share a desire to work for peace and equality, naturally, but they also share a common trait in that they are engaged in the security sector.

On Oct. 25, the Women PeaceMakers shared their story and, through questions asked by Jennifer Freeman, associate director for PeaceMakers Programs in the Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice, their thoughts on topics that demonstrate exactly why their presence and their work is so vitally important to make a difference in the world by way of the pursuit of peace and justice. 

The annual Women PeaceMakers panel event, titled, “Peace Officers, PeaceMakers and the Power of Partnership,” is here, below, in video form. Find additional videos on the Kroc School YouTube channel.

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