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Friday, September 8, 2017

begin quote"This computer program that produces art autonomously was developed at the University of San Diego from 1968"

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In May 1959, Charles Pierce Snow delivered a lecture called The Two Cultures and the Scientific Revolution at the Senate House of the University of Cambridge, in which he certified the absolute separation between the two fundamental branches of knowledge, the sciences and the humanities. Both areas had become so specialized that a joint approach was impossible. Published shortly afterward, it also led to a book in which the author showed a somewhat more optimistic attitude in the 1963 revised edition, advocating the possibility of a “third culture” in charge of closing the gap and offering a transversal view of knowledge. Meanwhile, Ernesto García Camarero has dealt with the two most common types of creativity, heuristics and algorithms, to point out that  the processes that give rise to scientific and artistic creation, are, in fact, very similar, indicating that their differences more likely come “from the forms of the method used and the scope of their nature.

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