Sex or Sleep? Male Fruit Flies Make a Choice: Study by Dr. Divya Sitaraman

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017post has video

begin quoteGenes important in sex determination also seem to play a critical role in these behaviors. The interplay between sex and sleep circuitry at the neuronal level seems sex-specific and functions very differently in female flies.

NBC7 News -- When given a choice of sex or sleep, male fruit flies tend to opt for the latter, while female fruit flies think differently, according to research out of the University of San Diego.

Divya Sitaraman, an assistant professor of psychological sciences at USD, studied two fundamental behaviors needed to survive in fruit flies: sex and sleep. The research, conducted across both genders of fruit flies, aimed to learn how organisms prioritize behaviors when a choice must be made.

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Sex or Sleep? Male Fruit Flies Make a Choice: Study


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