In Trump era, Peters, Davis are pushed to be more aggressive

ICCE Director Comments on Need to Balance Advocacy With Civility

Monday, March 20, 2017

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begin quoteThere's a line between passionate advocacy and poisonous rhetoric.

ICCE Director Carl Luna was asked to comment by the San Diego Union Tribune March  17 on calls for Democrats to be more aggressive in dealing with President Trump. “There's nothing wrong with righteous anger in the face of grave injustice, should such injustice be seen,” Luna said. “But there's a line between passionate advocacy and poisonous rhetoric — a line the president may already well have crossed and which Democrats should avoid.”

Dr. Luna went on to discuss the meaning of "civility." “Civility doesn't mean being polite. It means building community... it means speaking truth to power, sometimes with great emotion and devotion, to achieve a public good,” Luna said. “It does not (need to) be anger reduced to nihilism, which is what has happened to too much of American discourse.”


Building Civility in Public Dialogue will be the focus of USD ICCE's 6th Annual Restoring Respect Conference, this April 18 & 19 at the USD Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice

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