USD Institute for Civil Civic Engagement Cited in Huffington Post

NICD Director Carolyn Lukensmeyer Cites Restoring Respect Op Ed "Because the Kids Are Watching"

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

National Institute for Civil Discourse Director Carolyn Lukensmeyer
begin quoteWe can change the tone of the debate but it requires each of us to speak up and demand change. If the candidates want our votes we need to start by insisting they speak and act like grownups.

In the March 8 Huffington Post National Institute for Civil Discourse director Carolyn Lukensmeyer referenced an Opinion-Editorial pubished by the Times of San Diego calling on political candidates to remember "...the Kids Are Watching."

The Op Ed was co-written by ICCE director Carl Luna and Restoring Respect committee members Ken Druck and Jane Susskind. Citing examples of students across America mimicking uncivil behaviors by presidential candidates, Lukensmeyer warns "We are losing the basic American value of civility and some will argue we have already lost it."

The Restoring Respect article had appeared in the March 7 edition of the Times of San Diego.

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