ICCE Civility Op Ed in Times of San Diego

We Need Civility in Politics Because The Kids ARE Watching

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

CNN GOP Debate results in
begin quotePerhaps we can’t stop the escalating behavior and rhetoric in the political landscape, but we can provide students with an understanding of our how our government works best, how to critically assess the 2016 primaries, and how the respective candida

The March 7th, 2016 edition of the Times of San Diego featured a commentary co-authored by ICCE Director Carl Luna, ICCE Media director (and USD law student) Jane Suskind and renowned author Ken Druck examing the negative impact of the heated rhetric of the 2016 political campaign on  civil public discourse. The authors offer examples like the upcoming April 18 Restoring Respect Conference at USD and the 2nd Annual Student Civility Awards as ways to moderate the tone of public discourse and set better examples of citizenship for young Americans.

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