The Vista - Genetic Testing Sparks New Conversations

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Vista -- Enthusiastic students and faculty filled the hallway in front of Warren Auditorium on Thurs., April 2, for an interactive and informative look at direct to consumer genetic testing. The event was organized by the The School of Law, the College of Arts and Sciences and the Center for Educational Excellence to provide students, faculty and community members an all encompassing look at the current state of genetic testing.

Various students in the biology department hosted interactive exhibits to provide guests a look at the science behind genetic testing done by kits, such as the ones distributed by the popular company 23&me. These testing kits require a fee of $99 and customers to provide a saliva sample for the lab to test for different genetic related diseases.

A group of students hosted a table where participants could spin a wheel to get a randomly selected piece of DNA and then visit the next table over to interpret the DNA sample they were given. Guests could see a sample print out of what genetic tests provided their customers, such as the likelihood of developing diabetes in comparison to averages in their age groups and nationalities. Another group of students hosted an exhibit on extracting DNA from banana samples. This provided guests a visual of what DNA actually looks like as opposed to just a microscope slide. 

Article published on April 9
"Genetic Testing Sparks New Conversations" by Brittany Carava


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