‘Network’ Told the Future, Says Ron Bonn

Monday, February 17, 2014

Ron Bonn, retired former communication studies professor and journalist extraordinaire, has not let his pen rest since leaving the classroom.  In a recent letter to the editor of the New York Times, Professor Bonn responded to a piece by Maureen Dowd on the current state of television news.

‘Network’ Told the Future

To the Editor:

Re “Still Mad as Hell,” by Maureen Dowd (column, Feb. 9):

When Paddy Chayefsky’s wild ride, “Network,” burst on the scene in 1976, I was senior producer of “The CBS Evening News With Walter Cronkite.” Since the film was about our profession (Chayefsky knew Walter and actually studied our program), and since Walter’s daughter Kathy had a sparkling cameo as a Patty Hearst-style revolutionary, complete with black beret and machine gun, we all went as a group to see the new movie.

Discussing it afterward, we agreed that we had seen a marvelous satire — current trends carried, Molière-style, to a ridiculous if logical extreme.

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