Getting to Know Your Professors: Adina Batnitzky

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Adina Batnitzky, PhD, is assistant professor of Sociology in the College of Arts and Sciences. Her research has revolved around the intersection of gender, health and labor in a global/transnational context. She talks to Inside USD about her research on dockside fishing and her beloved family.

Q: For students who are interested in sociology, what “real world” experience do you most recommend?

Get out into the community and immerse yourself in something outside your comfort zone. There are wonderful opportunities at USD and its environs, such as community service learning, study abroad programs or just taking a walk up the street to experience the diverse community in Linda Vista.

Q: Your husband, Political Science Assistant Professor Avi Spiegel, teaches on campus and your daughter is in daycare on campus. What’s it like to be able to go to work as a family?

Up until last year, our family traveled to work together each day. But our daughter now is at school just a bit further up on Linda Vista. I feel so lucky to know that we’re all working and studying in the same neighborhood. Next year, Avi and I will be teaching an honors course together on international human rights. I’m hoping that students will benefit from our diverse perspectives. (full article).

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