Katinka Bosch: Architect of Change

Friday, December 6, 2013

Inside USD -- Katinka Bosch, a junior architecture major at USD, has launched a project to employ her craft in a different way. Instead of trying to design the massive suspension bridges or grandiose temples that we all think of when we think of her field, she wants to transform architecture from the impressive external to the intimate internal, from the once-in-a-lifetime to the everyday.

“I find that people are affected so much by architecture every day, but don’t realize it,” Bosch explained. “For instance, you feel that you must be quiet in a library because of the way it is designed, and the lawns on campus feel untouchable and intimidating because of the way they were architecturally planned.”

It’s this human, psychological aspect of architecture that Katrina spent her summer studying, her goal being to use her knowledge to reshape one of the most traffic-heavy locations on the USD campus — the third-floor offices of the Student Life Pavilion. (Full Story)

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