Victoria Fu to Show in Solo Exhibition at UC Irvine University Art Gallery

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Jan 9 - Mar 15
Curated by Kellie Lanhan
Opening Reception Jan. 9 from 6 p.m. - 9 p.m.

The UC Irvine University Art Gallery's first Critical and Curatorial MFA Thesis Exhibition will consist of original work by the inter-disciplinary artist Victoria Fu. All aspects of Fu’s work – hyper-real drawings, abstract photographic prints, and dystopic film narratives – point to the obscured space between the real and the unreal. Triangulating three mediums, Fu charms the viewer with a seemingly coherent and legible aesthetic, only to render these images senseless.

The result is an uncanny viewing experience in which the individual points effable, but there is no over-arching narrative, meaning, or logic to land on. Instead, we encounter opposing forces, both theoretical and aesthetic, constantly converging and departing in this work– real/unreal, possible/impossible, realism/abstraction, to name a few. Creating a state of persistent forestalling, we are left unable to formulate a reality in which the characters and places in Fu’s work actually exist. In this way, Fu is not attempting to reconstruct reality, but rather expose our notion of “reality” as a fallacy.

The work poetically renders today’s cultural landscape, in which virtual technologies – social networking, file sharing, and Google Glass – are slowly overtaking our now antiquated notion of what is “real.”

University Art Gallery
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