Daniel López-Pérez Assists in Building the New BA in Architecture

Assistant professor of Architecture provides new opportunities for students

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Inside USD -- After joining the College of Arts and Sciences in the Fall, Daniel López-Pérez assists architecture faculty members in building the new Bachelor of Arts architecture degree program.

Only one week after the USD Board of Trustees approved architecture as the 28th major for the College of Arts and Sciences, five undergraduates have already declared the major. The new major, which adds to the visual art and art history majors in the Art Department, provides students the opportunity to approach a four year degree in architecture from a liberal arts or humanistic perspective. Assistant Professor Daniel López-Pérez says this is an important component of the degree that the College of Arts and Sciences can uniquely offer students. In four years of study, students can complete a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture that prepares them not only for a professional graduate program in architecture, but also for careers in landscape architecture, interior design, urban planning, historic preservation, civil engineering, real estate, and for further study in art and architectural history. López-Pérez commented that "this is truly an interdisciplinary approach to architectural education where architecture is considered a cultural practice." (Full Story)


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