USD Alumna Explores Her Culture, Identity with Art

Friday, April 6, 2012 -- Three years ago, Claudia Dominguez had a difficult start to her time at N.C. State’s College of Design. It wasn’t just that she was missing some design elements; it was the fact that nobody had any idea what to make of her work – including, by her own admission, Dominguez herself.

But things worked out pretty well. After her first year, Dominguez went home to her native Mexico City for the summer and began researching her roots. In figuring out how to define herself, she also figured out an artistic identity combining the aesthetics of Mexican folk art with a feminist take on identity.

Thus we have her master’s thesis, “Transcending Cultural Boundaries: A Memoir by Claudia Dominguez,” an impressive mixed-media collection of pictures. It opens during First Friday tonight at the Wilmoore Cafe, where it will be on display through May 12. (Full Article)

Dominguez is an alumna of the University of San Diego, graduating with a degree in art. 

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