Alumni Profile of Masashi Yamazaki

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pursuing an advanced degree in International Relations was always in the back of my mind while working as a full-time correctional social worker for 7 years, raising a small child, and having a nice cozy home. In the summer of 2002, I sold my house and quit my job. My wife, who was 7 months pregnant with our second child, also quit her job as a full-time teacher in support of my selfish desire, not knowing what the future might hold. We packed everything up and moved to San Diego so that I attend the USD MAIR program. Despite having no academic background in Political Science, the MAIR program provided me with support and resources necessary to succeed in the field. USD MAIR faculty members' diverse academic and professional backgrounds made the program stimulating and didactic. The program afforded me tremendous intellectual growth in the field of International Relations. I'm now working overseas as a Department of Defense federal agent. The program instilled in me not just academic knowledge but the the joy of learning and the drive to keep up to date on current world affairs. Graduating from the MAIR program gave me an edge in being selected by the Federal Government to serve overseas. Furthermore, the program had a direct impact on my ability to perform well as a federal agent responsible for identifying, exploiting, and neutralizing terrorist and intelligence threats to the U.S. Government. As I continue to advance in my career, I find the knowledge I gained at USD to be not only relevant but truly

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