International Media Students Design a Radio Novela

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Summer Session offers the opportunity for students to try things that are not always possible in the context of the semester. In August, students in Dr. Moran’s International Media course learned about the ways in which radio can be used as a tool for social change by producing and distributing prosocial radio novelas in countries around the world (see for examples). The class used the entertainment/education approach to design a radio novela highlighting the pro-social message of “tolerance” aimed at first year college students. Students in the course identified the educational goal, discussed the culture of the target audience, wrote the script, became actors, recorded and edited the show! Please click on the link to listen!

The Cookie Team:
Marisa Dodge (Editor extraordinaire and voice of Peanut), Lindsey Dornes (voice of Coco), Dana Dowse (Director and voice of Ginger Snap), Cara Hernandez (voice of Sugar and Dulce), Danielle Shin (voice of Oatmeal), Karissa Valencia (voice of the narrator)…AND honorary class member Connor Sullivan (voice of Gingerbread Man and Lemon bar)

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