How To Read News Stories about Cycling

by Esteban del Rio, PhD

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How To Read News Stories about Cycling
July 26, 2012 by Dr. Esteban del Rio

Outside the sports page, reading about cycling in your local newspaper or news website can be a drag. If stories are not about fatalities and injury, then they feature wars between fundamentalisms: vehicular cycling purism butting heads with intolerant motorist backlash. It is all enough to make most sensible people leave their bike hanging in the garage to avoid all the bad news and bad karma and take a long walk (that is until a moral panic emerges about pedestrians!). Rarely do stories convey the joy, utility, and fraternity of traveling by bike.

In order to navigate cycling-oriented news while keeping one’s sanity in tact, a few things must be understood about journalism:
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