Student Profile: Lindsay Butcher

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Students often wonder if the course they take in college will provide them relevant information for their future plans. Lindsay Butcher (’13) explains how “Intro to Media Writing” gave her the advantage at her summer internship.

I have been fortunate enough to have parents who pay for the majority of my college education and they will not soon let me forget it. As I sit in my classes I think, “Is ANY of this going to apply or just plain matter after I leave this classroom? Is all of the money my parents spend going to waste?” I have had my doubts.

But after coming back from my semester in Italy, I started an internship at a small PR firm in Santa Monica. I had always wanted to go into journalism but I thought I would see what else there was out there before I decided my fate. I was a bit nervous because I really had no idea what PR was let alone how to do it. And then came a moment that I will always remember. One that made all of my hard work and all of my parents' spent money worth it.

I stepped into my first meeting with all of my coworkers and my boss asked, "Who here knows what a headline and a lead are?" I raised my hand. I noticed that I was one of the very few who did. She looked at me, surprised. Everyone else had been working there for at least three months. "Go ahead Lindsay. What are they?" I proceeded to define both and then listed the different types of leads as well as the different rules that apply when writing them. She added to what I had said a bit and then continued with her questioning. She asked of the five W's and H and the inverted pyramid. I raised my hand for each one. Even some of the year-round employees did not know!

Thanks to Prof. Ron Bonn, I was able to establish myself in my new surroundings as an intelligent, professional, and prepared individual.

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