Q&A with Recent Grad Kelly Correa

Thursday, June 21, 2012

What did you like about attending USD?

I really liked having smaller class sizes. It made it easier to get to know people in your classes as well as your professors. It also made it easier to get involved with research, which helped me figure out my career goals and get a job after school as well.

Which experiences/ classes did you enjoy the most/ shaped your future career aspirations?

Being a research assistant, taking the Social Psychology lab class, and doing my own research for my honors thesis all really helped me figure out that I want to be involved with research in the future. Additionally, Dr. McCabe's Methods of Psychotherapy class was one of my favorite classes at USD. Clinical Psychology was always an interest of mine, but getting an in depth look into a few different types of therapy through this class really helped solidify this interest.

Does correlation mean causation?

Haha no!

What are you doing now in the psychology realm? What are your future career plans?

I am currently a research assistant at the Center for Understanding and Treating Anxiety that's affiliated with SDSU. I'm also working as a research technician for a company called Advanced Brain Monitoring, Inc. that sells portable EEG headsets and uses these headsets to research various facets of cognitive states. In terms of the future, I want to attend a Clinical Psychology Ph.D program so that I can continue to be involved with research and hopefully have my own practice at some point.

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