Esteban del Rio, PhD, Guest Posting on Bike San Diego

Monday, April 30, 2012

San Diego Epitomizes the Failure of Government to Actively Cultivate a Viable Urban Community

by Dr. Esteban del Rio, Associate Professor of Communication Studies at the University of San Diego

I mostly enjoy my commute from home in La Mesa to Linda Vista, where I work as a professor at the University of San Diego. I ride quiet neighborhood streets until Montezuma Rd, where the bike lane appears and disappears, then descend the hill carefully before taking the bike bridge over the 8 interchange, after which I’m unceremoniously spat out right into traffic as I try to hurdle speeding vehicles to make the left turn along Camino del Rio North. I’ve learned a few tricks in trying to get over to the left, but its often rather hairy. Then, it’s a lovely ride along the river on Camino del Rio, then through the strip malls of Mission Valley, cutting through Fashion Valley to Friars Rd., then up to campus.  (Full Story)

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