24 Hours in El Zonte, El Salvador

Daniel Gariepy '08

Friday, April 20, 2012

24 hours in El Zonte, El Salvador
by DANNY GARIEPY on APRIL 13, 2012

El Salvador’s coastline has countless right-handed point breaks facing almost dead south. Among them is the small town of El Zonte.

Standup boogie boarder / local "Zancudo" putting on his typical show at the point. Guaranteed you've never seen anything like this.

I FIRST WENT TO El Zonte a few years ago during a road trip to Panama. We planned on staying for one night, and a month later we were still there. El Zonte is a sticky place for travelers, but if you’re one to stick to schedules and have only 24 hours, here’s how to spend it.
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