Alumni Profile: Alexandar Bryan

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I was blessed with a take-charge attitude (if you were in any of my classes, you're probably thinking "bossy" is a better descriptor) and a vicious sense of humor. These two dynamic qualities have resulted in an exciting story of budding success.

I left the University of San Diego with a degree in Communication Studies and a minor in Psychology, and began a career as digital strategist and designer for highly-touted company San Diego-based LJG Partners. I started as an intern, showing up on their doorstep one Monday morning armed with a self-made portfolio, cover letter, and huge drive to start working in the creative industry. Throughout my five years at LJG Partners, I moved up the ranks from intern to art director, even finding myself filling in for the agency's partner. As a designer and brand consultant I was able to work for many Fortune 100 companies. I helped brands like Disney, Hilton Hotels, Sony Pictures, and Westfield, create and maintain their brands in the online space. However, I was still hungry to learn and do more, so I created my own freelance business – Hyphen8tion Studios.

Becoming a freelance designer became one of the best moves I have ever made. It enabled me to do what I love and with a wide breadth of amazing companies like Paramount Pictures, Waldorf Astoria, NBC Universal, and many more. It also allowed me the freedom to travel (I'm up to 32 countries and counting) and experience the many cultures and people of the world which has opened my eyes to new and different design techniques and methods.

The success of Hyphen8tion Studios, combined with the aforementioned go-getter attitude, only fanned the flame of my entrepreneurial spirit. I am currently launching two ventures: The PrideFinder ( a new iPhone app that is a go-to resource for the LGBT community looking to find events and venues worldwide in over 200 cities, and IZZMS (, a custom t-shirt company that creates vibrant tees with outrageous sayings.

Both companies, while different, are very close to my heart and sprung from personal hobbies. The PrideFinder was born out of my person love of traveling the world and meeting new people. I wanted to find community members in different cities and countries and celebrate our pride, but found no comprehensive resource to do so. I created the website to unite the community for both work and play! IZZMS was created after I met a stranger who loved my custom T-shirt design so much, I literally sold a shirt off my back and now we are looking to expand into Europe late this year.

Though I feel like I have accomplished much, I would not be where I am today without the skills I learned at USD, particularly in the class of the most amazing teacher I've ever had – Dr. Leeva Chung. She quite literally helped me take my first step on the journey I'm on today. Yes, at USD, I learned many things, but the most important lesson I took away was that of application. How you apply the lessons you learn is what will take you the farthest.

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