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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dear Music Students,

In association with SOLES (School of Leadership and Education Sciences), we are developing a single-subject teaching credential in music. SOLES makes it possible for undergraduate students at USD to complete all requirements for the single-subject teaching credential, including student teaching, while you work towards your bachelor's degree. With this message, I invite you to let me know if you would be interested in learning more about the program. If you would like to complete the teaching credential requirements along with the music major requirements, it is best to plan your coursework early.  

Music majors in the program would work closely with the assigned music advisor to complete all music degree requirements, with the addition of two specialized upper-division music education courses in General Methods and Literacy Methods, which will be cross-listed with SOLES. It is equally as important to work closely with the assigned advisor in the SOLES credential program to complete all steps leading to the single-subject teaching credential in a timely manner. The credential program advisor initially assists the student with their application to the credential program, then, planning how and when to take the required coursework, culminating with the CSET exam. A credential candidate must pass the CSET before they can be assigned to the final step in the program: one semester of full-time student teaching.

At this point, the music faculty are soliciting student interest in developing such a program here at USD. So, if you are interested, please respond directly to Dr. David Harnish and we will organize an information meeting with Dr. Kay Etheridge for more details on the proposed program.


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