USD Receives NSF Grant for Student Scholarships in Math, Physics and Comp Science

Friday, December 11, 2009

Mathematics, computer science and physics faculty at the University of San Diego recently secured a nearly $598,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to attract more students to their respective majors, provide key interdisciplinary programming and to help groom more of tomorrow’s U.S. workforce in many important areas.

“We’re trying to recruit students into the three fields and we want to get the financial support for students to do these majors,” said Cameron Parker, an associate professor of mathematics and one of the grant’s principal investigators. “We hope the students are interested, but need some encouragement because (these majors) are known to be challenging.”

Parker said nine incoming students in fall 2010 and another nine in fall 2011 will each receive a $7,500 scholarship for four years. There are plans to have these students live together in the USD residence halls to interact, “grow together,” and meet other students in the same fields. He said a goal of the scholarship is to provide opportunities for more under-represented students — women, first-generation college students and certain minorities — to enter these majors.  (Full Story on Inside USD)

To see local media coverage of this grant please visit the 10 News site.

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