Music from the Karlsruhe Court Rediscovered...a Modern Premier

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Music from the Karlsruhe Court rediscovered…a modern premier

Intrigued by 18th-century music for “hautbois band” (baroque double reed ensemble), Marianne R. Pfau, Ph.D., professor, Music Department, released the first modern recording of 12 Sonatas by Johann Michael Muller, aka Jean Michel Muller (1683-1743) on the classical music label genuin in Leipzig. As part of the research in advance of the recording, Pfau prepared a score from the original print which appeared in Amsterdam, Chez Estienne Roger Marchand Libraire No. 86, and is held today at the Lund University Library, Engelhart Collection No. 16.

Jean Michel Muller: XII Sonates a un Hautbois de Concert.... Performed by Toutes Suites, dir. Marianne R. Pfau.  Leipzig: genuin 2008 (2 CD-set)

Critics respond with enthusiasm: Toutes Suites receives Supersonic Award in Luxembourg for the Muller 2-CD Album (2008)

"Johann Michael Müller is among the illustrious group of composers about whom even the most exhaustive music encyclopedias give hardly any information if any mention at all. Thus Müller too is one of the countless neglected and hidden geniuses whom one can meet only with the help of a modern recording … Making acquaintance with Müller’s work here is delightful …the ensemble Toutes Suites, under the direction of Marianne R. Pfau, serves up a highly spirited interpretation of his work, with impeccable technique and of utmost quality, leaving nothing to be desired."  Pizzicato (2008).

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