The Last Liberal Has His Say

Friday, September 18, 2009

San Diego Union Tribune-–(The writer is adjunct professor of communications at the University of San Diego. From 1960 until 2000, he was a television journalist, producer and executive producer with CBS News, NBC News, and other outlets)
  Okay, I’m the last one.
  Yes sir, I’m the last liberal standing in America, or at least the last one willing to identify himself in public print.
  There used to be more of us (although never as many as the Republican Party and the Trib’s editorial page would have you think). But beginning with (formerly liberal) Ronald Reagan’s discovery that government isn’t the solution, it’s the problem, we began to disappear–together with those unsightly "L’s" branded on our foreheads.
  I’m pushing 80 now, and have had a pretty good run, so I’m not much afraid of the peasants (oops! I mean good conservative citizens) who may come roaring down the hill into Tierrasanta wielding pitchforks and torches after they read this. (Full Story)

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