Sah Research on Distressed Housing Featured in HousingWire

Tuesday, January 3, 2017TOPICS: LeadershipResearch

Research on distressed housing by Vivek Sah, associate professor of real estate in the University of San Diego School of Business, is featured on in an article on reasons to be optimistic in 2017. 

Sah's research focuses on a major shift in the housing market from previous years–cash sales are no longer king.

His research found that cash sales rose drastically in 2010 as foreclosures became more common in the market. Cash buyers rose to 20 percent of all transactions immediately preceding the recession, then increased to 40 percentin 2012. 

In 2006, only 700,000 properties faced foreclosure nationwide, however, that number increased to nearly 3 million in 2010. Now, the number of foreclosures is quickly approaching pre-recession levels.

Sah's research discovered that as foreclosures decrease, cash sales decrease along with them. The one exception is in coastal cities, where buyers still demand a large discount for the risk of living near the coast.


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