Custin on Local TV About 'Blind Trust'

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Rick Custin (right), clinical professor of business law and ethicsRick Custin (right), clinical professor of business law and ethics

Rick Custin, clinical professor of business law and ethics and an affiliate professor with the Kroc School of Peace Studies, appeared on local media November 16 and 17 to discuss 'blind trust.'

Custin appeared on CW6 to discuss President-Elect Donald Trump's decision to not use a blind trust, which is a traditional practice by United States presidents to liquidate their assets and put them in a trust managed by a neutral third party. Trump has instead indicated he will appoint his children as guardians of his assets. Says Custin, "Being president trumps personal interests. Mr. Trump voluntarily decided to run for president and should put the interests of the country first."


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